Neoantigens from the bench to the bedside: new prospective for ovarian cancer immunotherapy

Chiara Napoletano, Filippo Bellati


Ovarian cancers (OCs) are considered today as immunogenic tumors. Several studies conducted on tumor infiltrate largely demonstrate that the presence of tumor infiltrated lymphocytes (TILs) correlates to progression (PFS) and overall survival (OS) in patients with advanced stage disease (1) and that the prognostic significance of TILs is an independent factor (2). CD8+ T cells seem to be primary actors in this scenario since their presence correlates with patients’ survival in all stages and histologies (2-4). In addition, current therapeutic strategies have demonstrated to reduce immune suppression and increase cytotoxic response (1,5). In the last decades, several new therapeutic strategies have been introduced and have demonstrated immunological advances in OC (6-8), but despite these improvements, over 60% of patients relapse and only 28% of patients survive after 5 years (9).