Aortic intimal intussusception during acute type B aortic dissection endovascular repair

Zhi-Yuan Wu, Peng Li, Ji-Yang Wang, Yong-Peng Diao, Zuo-Guan Chen, Yu-Qing Miao, Zhi-Gang Chang, Hong Zhang, Yong-Jun Li


Aortic intimal intussusception (AoII) is rare, especially during the endovascular repair of acute uncomplicated type B aortic dissection. Here we present a case of 47-year-old man who suffered AoII during the endovascular repair of type B aortic dissection. An abdominal aortic stent was inserted to recanalize the aorta, but failed. He was immediately transferred to our department from the local hospital. Computed tomography angiography confirmed the AoII and showed thrombus in the abdominal aortic stent. Hybrid operation was performed. Final angiography showed patency of the aorta. His postoperative period was uneventful and was discharged on the postoperative 8th day. No complications happened during the 6th month follow-up.