China lung transplantation developing: past, present and future

Bo Wu, Chunxiao Hu, Wenhui Chen, Jianxing He, Gening Jiang, Ji Zhang, Dong Liu, Xiaoshan Li, Dong Wei, Guohui Jiao, Chen Wang, Jingyu Chen


Lung transplantation in China has been developing for almost 40 years (1979–2019). The pioneers of this procedure experienced struggles and obstacles upon accomplishment of the initial 20 cases of lung transplantation. Like the expanding process of transplant programs elsewhere in western countries and other regions in Asia, transplant teams in China have found their own way to step forward, with the establishment of the two largest centers in Beijing and Wuxi. Since 2015, which was a novel start and milestone for transplant affairs in China, the pace of transplant volume and comparable quality of care for lung transplant recipients have increased noticeably. We reviewed the advancement of lung transplantation programs and registry setup in China and indicated that more socioeconomic factors and human care aspects needed to be considered to benefit Chinese recipients, which may further inspire the modification of criteria of listing and organ utilization based on East Asian cultural and traditional origins.