Progress in the treatment of infantile hemangioma

Zhao-Yang Chen, Qing-Nan Wang, Yang-Hui Zhu, Ling-Yan Zhou, Ting Xu, Zhi-Yao He, Yang Yang


Infantile hemangioma (IH) is a common benign tumor, which mostly resolves spontaneously; however, children with high-risk IH need treatment. Currently, the recognized first-line treatment regimen for IH is oral propranolol, but research on the pathogenesis of IH has led to the identification of new therapeutic targets, which have shown good curative effects, providing more options for disease treatment. This article summarizes the applications of different medications, dosages, and routes of administration for the treatment of IH. In addition to drug therapy, this article also reviews current therapeutic options for IH such as laser therapy, surgical treatment, and observation. To provide the best treatment, therapeutic regimens for IH should be selected based on the child’s age, the size and location of the lesion, the presence of complications, the implementation conditions, and the potential outcomes of the treatment.