Approach to Cushing’s syndrome in pregnancy: two cases of Cushing’s syndrome in pregnancy and a review of the literature

Wei Lin, Hui-Bin Huang, Jun-Ping Wen, Neng-Ying Wang, Shuang-Yu Wang, Chen Wang, Gang Chen


Cushing’s syndrome (CS) rarely occurs during pregnancy. The primary aim of this article is to propose a therapeutic approach to CS in pregnancy. Here, we present two cases of CS in pregnancy and a literature review. This article proposes the early diagnostic points, especially the clinical approach to this medical condition, mainly for pregnant women without a previous diagnosis of CS. More importantly, we present therapeutic strategies for CS during pregnancy, especially glucocorticoid replacement for perioperative, postoperative, and perinatal periods in pregnant women with CS in order to minimize complications for both mother and fetus. At the same time, we also assess the anxiety status of patients. This article summarizes the approach to CS in pregnancy, not only with a physiological assessment but with a psychological assessment as well.