Perineural invasion in cervical cancer: pay attention to the indications of nerve-sparing radical hysterectomy

Yi Zhu, Guo-Nan Zhang, Yu Shi, Ling Cui, Xue-Feng Leng, Jian-Ming Huang


Perineural invasion (PNI) in early-stage cervical cancer, is associated with multiple high-risk factors and represents a poor outcome in the patients. For nerve-sparing radical hysterectomy (NSRH) to become a standard and widely used treatment for cervical cancer, we need to define its oncological safety, and to establish standardized surgical procedures and indications of NSRH. Here, we review the definition and mechanisms, and clinical significance of PNI in cervical cancer, and discuss the indications of NSRH. PNI should be regarded as one of the main pathological features of cervical cancer and a factor affecting prognosis. A deeper understanding of PNI in cervical cancer, hopefully, will provide clear indications of NSRH.