Transcription regulation of MYB: a potential and novel therapeutic target in cancer

Partha Mitra


Basal transcription factors have never been considered as a priority target in the field of drug discovery. However, their unparalleled roles in decoding the genetic information in response to the appropriate signal and their association with the disease progression are very well-established phenomena. Instead of considering transcription factors as such a target, in this review, we discuss about the potential of the regulatory mechanisms that control their gene expression. Based on our recent understanding about the critical roles of c-MYB at the cellular and molecular level in several types of cancers, we discuss here how MLL-fusion protein centred SEC in leukaemia, ligand-estrogen receptor (ER) complex in breast cancer (BC) and NF-κB and associated factors in colorectal cancer regulate the transcription of this gene. We further discuss plausible strategies, specific to each cancer type, to target those bona fide activators/co-activators, which control the regulation of this gene and therefore to shed fresh light in targeting the transcriptional regulation as a novel approach to the future drug discovery in cancer.