Article Abstract

ABCA7 genotype altered Aβ levels in cerebrospinal fluid in Alzheimer’s disease without dementia

Authors: Fang-Chen Ma, Yu Zong, Hui-Fu Wang, Jie-Qiong Li, Xi-Peng Cao, Lan Tan, Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative


Background: ATP-binding cassette transporter A7 (ABCA7) rs3764650 has been identified to be a susceptibility locus for Alzheimer’s disease (AD), but its role in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) proteins was still unclear.
Methods: The associations of rs3764650 with CSF Aβ1–42, t-tau and p-tau were analyzed in non-dementia AD, including preclinical and prodromal AD from the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) cohort.
Results: Finally, GG + GT genotypes significantly decreased CSF Aβ1–42 level, but did not alter CSF t-tau and p-tau levels in non-dementia AD at baseline, which was further confirmed in longitudinal studies.
Conclusions: Our findings supported that ABCA7 modified AD risk by altering Aβ deposition rather than tau pathology.