Article Abstract

Autologous platelet-rich gel combined with in vitro amplification of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell transplantation to treat the diabetic foot ulcer: a case report

Authors: Qinan Wu, Xiaotian Lei, Liu Chen, Yanling Zheng, Hongmei Huang, Cheng Qian, Ziwen Liang


The diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) is the leading cause of the high mortality and morbidity rates of diabetes patients, and the DFU accounts for approximately 15% of all diagnosed diabetes cases in China. Traditional treatment is typically ineffective for DFUs. Here, we present a case of DFU that was successfully treated with an autologous platelet-rich gel (APG) and in vitro amplification of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell (BMMSC) transplantation. A 54-year-old woman initially presented with a right foot diabetic ulcer at the hospital. A wound at the lateral malleolus of the right foot was observed with exudation and infection. The standard treatment included glucose reduction with insulin, blood lipid control with atorvastatin, circulation improvement with alprostadil, anti-infection treatment with sensitive antibiotics, debridement, dressing, and continuous negative pressure suction, and after the standard treatment, the APG combined with in vitro amplification of BMMSC transplantation was used to help the healing of the ulcer. All of the above interventions may have contributed to the healing of the ulcer, and an APG combined with in vitro amplification of BMMSCs may promote DFU healing. The difficulty of DFU treatment remains a challenge, particularly in diabetic patients who develop foot ulcers, due to the complexity of its multifaceted pathogenesis. This case represents an effective adjuvant treatment for such patients.