Article Abstract

Development and clinical applications of glasses-free three-dimensional (3D) display technology for thoracoscopic surgery

Authors: Jun Liu, Fei Cui, Jingpei Li, Wenlong Shao, Wei Wang, Jun Li, Muchun Liu, Jianxing He


The conventional two-dimensional (2D) and glasses-assisted three-dimensional (3D) display systems can no longer meet the clinical requirements with the development of minimally invasive video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS). The glasses-free 3D display technology adopts both lenticular lens technology and face-tracking and -positioning systems and offers high brightness, large viewing area, and strong anti-interference capability, which significantly improve the operator’s experience. When applied in VATS, it has many advantages including good display depth, convenience for performing complex and fine operations, and short learning curve. This novel display technology will greatly promote the development of minimally invasive surgery.