Article Abstract

Inconclusive evidence to support the use of minimally-invasive radiofrequency denervation against chronic low back pain

Authors: Andreas A. Argyriou, Garifallia G. Anastopoulou, Jordi Bruna


Low back pain (LBP), defined as the localized pain or discomfort between the costal margins and superior gluteal line, with or without associated lower limb pain, is one of the most commonly encountered pain syndromes in adults. It is considered chronic LBP (CLBP), when pain persists for more than three months (1). CLBP might be disabling with increased missing hours of productive work or of personal activities and it can also be associated with significant excess of healthcare costs (2). Commonly, CLBP also gives rise to the genesis or exacerbation of various psychiatric disorders, such as depression and/or anxiety (3).