Article Abstract

The physiological roles of secretin and its receptor

Authors: Syeda Afroze, Fanyin Meng, Kendal Jensen, Kelly McDaniel, Kinan Rahal, Paolo Onori, Eugenio Gaudio, Gianfranco Alpini, Shannon S. Glaser


Secretin is secreted by S cells in the small intestine and affects the function of a number of organ systems. Secretin receptors (SR) are expressed in the basolateral domain of several cell types. In addition to regulating the secretion of a number of epithelia (e.g., in the pancreas and biliary epithelium in the liver), secretin exerts trophic effects in several cell types. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive review on the multiple roles of secretin and SR signaling in the regulation of epithelial functions in various organ systems with particular emphasis in the liver. We will discuss the role of secretin and its receptor in health and biliary disease pathogenesis. Finally, we propose future areas of research for the further evaluation of the secretin/secretin receptor axis in liver pathophysiology.