Article Abstract

Unusual case of spindle cell sarcoma metastases to right ventricle: a case report and a literature review

Authors: Rezarta Frakulli, Silvia Cammelli, Fabrizio Salvi, Damiano Balestrini, Antonella Baldissera, Claudio Degli Esposti, Ombretta Martelli, Massimo Abate, Anna Piaoli, Stefano Ferrari, Alessio G. Morganti, Giovanni Piero Frezza


Cardiac metastases from sarcoma are uncommon. Due to their rarity there is not a standard of care. However, complete cardiac metastases resection is the best option but most of patients has widespread disease. In these patients palliative radiotherapy (RT) might improve symptoms and prevent further cardiac function decline. Here we present the case of a symptomatic 30-year-old woman with spindle cell sarcoma metastasis of right ventriculum and widespread disease. The patient received radiotherapy to the heart with palliative intent. Cardiac metastases represent a challenging clinic problem. Treatment should be individualized in a multidisciplinary setting, when possible surgery seems to be the best options. However, radiotherapy even in case of widespread disease can improve clinical control symptoms by reducing the mass effect.