Article Abstract

Colonic obstruction caused by video capsule entrapment in a metal stent

Authors: Ervin Toth, Lars Marthinsen, Maria Bergström, Per-Ola Park, Peter Månsson, Artur Nemeth, Gabriele Wurm Johansson, Henrik Thorlacius


Video capsule endoscopy (VCE) has become the method of choice for visualizing the small bowel mucosa and is generally considered to be a safe method. Although uncommon, the most feared complication of VCE is capsule retention that can potentially lead to life-threatening bowel obstruction. Herein, we present for the first time a case of capsule retention in a colonic stent. The patient had known Crohn’s disease with colonic involvement and underwent an uneventful but incomplete small bowel VCE for assessment of disease activity and extension for optimizing medical treatment. Five months later, the patient presented with intestinal obstruction due to a Crohn’s-stricture in the sigmoid colon, which was successfully decompressed with a self-expandable metal stent. Nonetheless, two days later the patient showed signs of bowel obstruction again and abdominal X-ray showed that the capsule was trapped in the metal stent in the sigmoid colon. Subsequently, emergency surgery was performed and the patient fully recovered. Intestinal capsule retention necessitating interventional removal is rare. This report describes a unique case of capsule retention in a colonic metal stent and highlights the potential risk of performing capsule endoscopy examinations in patients with gastrointestinal stents.