Gastric metastases from gynaecologic tumors: case reports and review of the literature

Angelo Zullo, Giuseppina Balsamo, Roberto Lorenzetti, Adriana Romiti, Vincenzo De Francesco, Cesare Hassan, Raffaele Manta


The stomach is an infrequent localization of tumor metastases, and metastases originating from primary gynaecological cancers are particularly rare. We described the case of three females with ovarian, uterine, and breast metastases in the stomach, and we performed a systematic review of the literature of cases diagnosed at endoscopy. Overall, data of 18 patients with gastric metastases originating from the ovary, 11 from the uterus, and 159 from breast cancer were analyzed. Therefore, gastric metastasis mainly occurs from breast cancer, whilst both ovarian and uterine metastases are distinctly less frequent, but not impossible.