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Hospital-acquired pneumonia and community-acquired pneumonia: two guys?

Authors: Thomas Tschernig


The report by Lonneke A. van Vught, a member of the Tom van der Poll group, is a very interesting report and the first “…omic” report on the comparison of hospital-acquired pneumonia (HAP) with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) in critically ill patients (1). Both HAP and CAP are major causes of death (2). HAP is classified as a respiratory tract infection which develops 48 hours after hospital admission. HAP and CAP display differences in the spectrum of bacteria, the susceptibility of the bacteria to antibiotics and—also of great importance—the fact that, with HAP, the patient’s host defence is affected by concomitant diseases and therapy effects (3,4). Van Vught and his co-workers explicate in their paper that there is evidence from animal studies that nosocomial respiratory pathogens can suppress adequate host defense mechanisms (5).


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